11 reasons to create a more meaningful workplace

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As a business leader, it’s natural to prioritize work efforts that have a direct financial benefit. Profits are gained if you put your head down and work. Employees will follow the lead….

Except, it doesn’t work like that. The reality is that employees at every level are more effective when they are engaged in a meaningful way. It’s amazing how a focus on emotion and meaning can change the nature of the workplace for the better.

To become meaningful, companies need to adopt a new stance vis-à-vis their relationship with their employees. The distance imposed through organization structures and prevailing attitudes is reduced. The emotional connections up, down, and across the enterprise are strong. A meaningful workplace master plan touches every employee with a compelling reason for being, identifies how influencers want to leave people feeling, and guides behavior to achieve this feeling. Everyone benefits.

Here we illustrate 11 reasons a more meaningful workplace leads to employee results:

They feel like doing more. Employees are eager, motivated and driven. They wake up looking forward to their work day, and return home feeling a sense of purposeful accomplishment.

They care more for one another. The workplace is civil, considerate and supportive. Employees are empathetic and compassionate about their bosses, their peers, their reports and everyone in the business.

They work better together. Employees are more open to collaboration, teamwork and sharing. They break down hierarchies and create common playing fields on which everyone contributes.

They delight customers. Customer-facing employees work from a more confident and empathetic position. They listen with care, feel confident making promises and trust colleagues to support them as they serve customers.

They stay with you. Employees like where they work, a place in which they can do good things and grow on many levels. They are confident in the direction of the business, the commitment of the leadership and the willingness of their peers.

They recommend you to others. In a time when it’s harder and harder to find good people, what better way to find them than through your own employees? If it’s true that “birds of a feather flock together”, then it is likely that your best people know of — and would gladly recommend you to — great candidates.

They share more ideas. When the work culture is open, supportive and non-judgmental, people are more willing to share their thoughts, ideas and ambitions. As ideas multiply within your workplace, so does the potential of your firm.

They are more focused. Employees have a better sense of the big picture and their role in turning it into reality. They go deeper into their work to uncover new ideas, approaches and innovations. They take pride as their expertise grows and the organization recognizes their contribution to the greater good.

They are mindful of other people. They genuinely care about the welfare and well-being of others. They have high regard and respect for their associates within the firm, the firm’s customer, partners and suppliers and the citizens who live and work near the firm’s operations.

They make the world a better place. By simply feeling better about their work, they change the way they interact with family, friends and society. By diligently working to the brand’s ideals, they contribute to both the individual and collective well-being.

They are grateful to be associated with your brand. They are pleased to be working for a brand that treats them well, does good things in the marketplace, and leaves the world a better place. They find their work experience to be gratifying, satisfying and emotionally meaningful.

When your brand strategy includes helping people create new meaning in their lives, it changes the way your employees feel about — and act on behalf of — your brand.

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Originally published at blog.emotivebrand.com.

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