Case Study for a High-Growth Tech Brand that Shifted Corporate Strategy

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“The PubMatic re-brand has had an impact on our business results including improved costumer satisfaction, product marketing, and go-to market strategies.” — Matt Wolfrom, PubMatic VP Corporate Communications.

High-growth businesses need a strong brand story in order to retain and recruit top talent. When PubMatic came to us with serious hiring ambitions, it was clear they needed an employer brand. Marketing technology is a highly competitive space and PubMatic had to figure out a way to stand out as a great place to work. But, as it so often happens, in trying to align leadership on an employee brand story, we uncovered an even greater need for a cohesive corporate strategy.

PubMatic was ready to make a significant shift. They wanted to reposition their company away from ad tech and focus it on marketing automation software dedicated to the publishing industry. To help them get there, they needed an emotive brand strategy. In marketing technology, brand survival depends on keeping pace with the rapidly changing industry, so PubMatic’s strategy needed an agile approach that could flex as the company grows.

Communicating why PubMatic matters meant making a significant shift in the way they talked about themselves — from product-based messaging to a more human, relatable brand story. PubMatic had to communicate how they help publishers create more meaningful connections, and how publishing connects brands and people with more meaningful experiences. To help PubMatic make this strategic shift, we created a new brand voice, messaging platform, corporate narrative, and visual identity.

Learn more about the partnership between PubMatic and Emotive Brand, the lessons learned, and how we brought the strategy to life in our PubMatic case study.

Emotive Brand is a San Francisco based brand strategy firm.

Originally published at on April 20, 2016.

Emotive Brand is a strategy and design firm: We work with executives to drive growth in revenue, brand, and culture #b2b #tech #b2c #product #growth #branding

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